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November 24, 2016 / edwardonbebop

Black Friday Deals: One Stormy Night — Nicci Haydon

5 FREE copies available and other reductions!

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November 20, 2016 / edwardonbebop

A short preview — Asrai Devin

Read Chapter One here. It’s been four years since Maria saw Eric last (see chapter one preview for that explosive meeting). Maria’s moved on. Right? Maria surveyed the destruction in the Thomlin kitchen. She rubbed her chest. The Thomlin name always made her ache. She tossed her hair. This was her first big job, she would not…

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October 24, 2016 / edwardonbebop

Beta Readers Wanted – M/M Erotica Romance — @NicciHaydon

Want to read my next book for free, before anyone else?

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October 21, 2016 / edwardonbebop

Free today – Pittsburgh Tales — Nicci Haydon

Free for one day, usually $1.99.

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July 14, 2016 / edwardonbebop

Knock knock !

Is someone still reading that blog ?


February 25, 2016 / edwardonbebop

In my Hobbit hole


My home is like a Hobbit hole. It looks like a hole in the earth with a turf roof.

From the outside my house looks like it is one with Nature, with its surroundings. Except for the windows, they look like eyes to a hump. Depending on the light, my house could look eerie.

The outside door is made of wooden boards. It may look fragile but it is not. It is simple yet thick. Enough to block most of the wind and the outside cold and dampness.

Behind the door, everything is wood, the floor, the walls and the ceiling. The hallway goes straight at first then turns twice on the left. This helps keeping the cold further away. This part of my home is not very bright but it is not important. Even better, the relative darkness make the lights of the room beyond inviting.

After the final turn in the hallway, you enter the main room which serves as living-room, dining room and kitchen as well. The room is not really big, probably just enough for four people. Here also everything it made of wood which is a softer material than stone or concrete, so the place is actually warm and welcoming.

The table and the benches are made of solid wood. This is my dream; a table that is strong enough to gather people around with getting old. A table that would probably still stand once I die.

For the cooking there is a small wood stove. The meals I cook are simple yet tasty because only finer ingredients are used. They are simple yet copious and hot.

There is only one bedroom. It is tiny but cosy. The wooden boards on the floor, walls and ceiling make it look like a comforting shelter or a nest.

There is just enough space for a beside table, a small cupboard. And the bed. The bed is not wide but it has a thick mattress. There are several layers of warm sheets and blankets and a big fluffy quilt on the top.

Most of the time the bedroom does not need heating because it is small and well insulated. Moreover in the very cold days the blankets and human heat are enough to avoid being cold.

I told you that everything was make of wood in my Hobbit hole, right ? Well this was a small lie. To tell the truth there are a few stones in my home. Not that much. I will show you.

Let us go back to the main room and pass by the sofa (doesn’t it look comfortable ?). Here are the stones. Just a few, they compose the small fireplace.

When the weather turns really bad having a nice fire roaring keeps the humidity and the cold away. It makes this part of the house perfect for a quiet night reading or playing board games (books and game are in that heavy cupboard along the wall next to the sofa). Or you can just sit there watching, smelling the fire and listening to its soothing voice. You can have a glass of whisky too if you want. I will show you where the bottle is hidden.


February 2, 2016 / edwardonbebop

Streets of Rage: a love declaration

There was this blog post from a gamer who is in love with Streets of Rage 2. It is true that this game is awesome. It is almost a 16-bits perfection ! Look at the character design, the great visual (you have to remember that the Megadrive/Genesis could only display 61 colors simultaneously). Moreover, I give you 10 seconds not nodding your head to the grooves of that game (composed by Yuzo Koshiro).

OK, she was right. That game is absolutely awesome. If she played Streets of Rage 2 when it was released back then, I can understand the blast she must have had.

However for me, the Streets of Rage (or Bare Knuckle in its Japanese name) will always be the first installment of the series. Even right from the beginning, the introduction theme is awesome !

See the sky-crappers in the background ?


This is a great piece of pixel art. A friend of mine had them as his desktop background for his computer (just the buildings, not the characters) and I recognize them immediately ! It spoke to my gamer-self, it spoke to my nostalgic-self and it spoke the the Megadrive lover that I was back then and still am today.

So the reason for me to love this game so much, and more that its sequel is simple: it is the only one I played when I was a teenager. My Megadrive died after 1 year so when Streets of Rage 2 was released, there was no way for me to play it.

Even though I did not own the original game myself back then, I played it many many times. Each single time I had a blast ! The music was exciting the gaming experience was intense and there even were some 2 players moves ! No game could beat that !

Later on I played Final Fight on the Super Nintendo and found that it was not half as good as Streets of Rage. Even Burning Fight on the Neo Geo was no match for it (OK, that game was probably rather bad anyway) !

The music of Streets of Rage was composed by Yuzo Koshiro. This man is a chiptune genius ! You can learn about how the soundtrack was created on this Wikipedia page. The bottom line is: give that man an “outdated PC-88”, let him create is own language to create chiptune music,  ‘Music Love’, mix together and here you have… That !

[ ‘Moon Beach’ – my favorite soundtrack of the game]

My favorite character was Blaze because she rocks ! And she is sexy also maybe ?


I don’t know but I almost never played with any other character. Her jump kicks were super efficient in order to escape enemies in an offensive way. Which was not enough for me because that game was to hard for me anyway (and I think Streets or Rage 2 is even harder !).

So this is it for my love declaration to one of the very best video game ever. I loved it back then, I still love and play it today and it feels as fresh as it did when I was younger.

You can follow Shana on Twitter, she is cool and likes retro-gaming so you don’t have any reason not to do so.