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March 14, 2012 / edwardonbebop

Why Daria ?

Why is “Daria” one of my favorite TV shows ?

  1. She doesn’t like people a lot. Just like me when I was her age. You know I was thinking “I’m a rebel.”. The difference is Daria is more clever than I was at her age (and maybe more clever than I am today too).
  2. She loves books. I love books too but I think Daria read a lot more books than I ever did.
  3. She watches “Sick Sad World” and that’s the only TV show she watches apparently. That can’t be bad. I think TV sucks, but a show like “Sick Sad World” would be a fun way to discover how sick and sad the real world can be sometimes.
  4. She wears cool glasses.
  5. The music is pretty cool.

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