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March 15, 2012 / edwardonbebop


I don’t know what the symptoms of depression are. Today that word seems to apply to my current mindset completely.

I will not scatter the details of my private life here. I simply think that writing that kind of thoughts somewhere can help me in the future.

I have known some highs and lows lately. Psychologically and physically. It is a stange feeling.

I can’t figure out the cause of all this, but it has been going on for weeks.

That variation has something inevitable. This morning I woke up happy and in a good physical condition (almost). Yesterday I had woken tired completely bored.

I still see an improvement: some days my mood could change from one extreme to the other more than 10 times in the same day.

I already feel better. There an awesome person at my side who helps me in the difficult times. I hope I do not ruin her morale !


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