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March 30, 2012 / edwardonbebop

Little pills.

They scare me.

Anxiety syndrome or depression, they are still antidepressant. That word scare me.

I fear that they may alter my behavior. I hope there will be no (lasting) secondary effect. I am scared of what I may do or say during the time I will have to swallow those little things.

I have been taking for 3 days only. Except for the agitated nights and stomach aches before going to bed yesterday, I did not feel any change. Maybe they actually are some changes, but I doubt it. I have been told that I had to wait 15 days for the effects to come “so that the body get used to the pills”.

“So that the body get used” ? Wait ! What are those pills going to do to my body ? And my brain ?

I will take those small scary pills, sincerely hoping that nothing serious will happen…


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