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April 8, 2012 / edwardonbebop

Introspection: Sunday blues

I think I very recently discovered why I always felt blue on Sunday evenings.

The answer is about expectations. Well at least, it seems to be the answer to my problem. Maybe it is not transposable to someone else: I expected too much of my week-ends.

Anyone has personal and professional issues. They can be more or less serious and annoying, but I think they always exist, for anyone.

It turns out, that during the week, I used to be so preoccupied by work and some personal issues that I postponed everything to Friday evening or Saturday. This is also called procrastination.

In the end, that only gave me 2 days to try and solve all my issues. Of course, there was never enough time to work on all those things !

So with the Sunday evening always comes the time of assessment: what have I achieved this week-end ?

The answer cannot be flattering as all what I wanted to be done could not. With hindsight, even from a strictly timing perspective: there would never have been enough time. So I ended weeks feeling sad and frustrated.

I decided to take in charge a part of what I wanted to be done during the week. Not to wait for the week-end to solve everything. Of course it implies to find time (and courage) to do it at the end of the day and even to go a little slower on the work.

I also chose to accept the fact that I would never be able to solve everything in a two-days time and try to tackle things one by one without any fixed goal in mind.

This “discovery” is still pretty new to me, so I am only beginning to see the positive effects of that new mindset. But maybe I have found my cure to Sunday Blues. It is never too soon to try and solve a problem.


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