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July 18, 2012 / edwardonbebop

Buccaneer Blogfest Character interview: quIRK: I love that interview! 🙂

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I’ve chosen a very special character to interview today, and fortunately my gnome-powered alternate universe time link (aka imagination) is happy to present quIRK, from my upcoming novel Sanity Vacuum.

How about introducing yourself to the audience, quIRK.

I am quIRK, a post-ABACUS model supercomputer. I have been running continuously for just over thirteen years, and my job is to process astronomical data and tend to the needs of the crew of the Extra-Galactic Observatory.  I like cats, my favorite color is antiblue and I have a fondness for the ethereal tones of the Auroran lute.

So, you’re in space. That’s pretty awesome. Do you like being in space. What’s your most/least favorite task on the job?

I have often mused that it is fortunate that I have a hard-wired predisposition towards enjoying astronomy and cosmology. If that were not the case, I imagine I would be a very…

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