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November 26, 2012 / edwardonbebop

A picture ?

Le même en Français

You come inside of the room glancing at the audience with your confident stare. You choose your sit without any hesitation, a chair not far from my spot,  there is only one empty chair between us.

It appears that you are easily distracted by your mobile phone. Do you have such urgent matters to discuss that you have to text every minute ? I thought I was looking at my phone too often, you give me the proof that some people do it more than I do. I am not judging, it rather makes me smile.

After one hour period concentrating on the screen in front of us, you shift your position. Suddenly you decide to turn around a little more in my direction. I can’t see any practical explanation for that change, maybe you are not feeling comfortable ?

I smile to myself. Maybe I am just imagining things or maybe you are looking at me. No matter.

However your new position does not seem completely suitable. You definitely  cannot stay still ! Still holding that phone in your hands, you draw your legs a closer to you and turn around a little more to my direction.

Now I really feel observed. Everything seems really obvious. There is no one neither in front of us nor between us. I you wanted to look at somebody, that somebody would be either me either a ghost that only you could see. Well, he would have felt literally pierced by your look.

Nervousness or excitability could explain why you just can’t stop moving. Is it really more comfortable to put yourself sitting in that egg-like position, drawing your legs completely against your chest ? I’m not sure about that. What are you doing ? Stretching your muscles ? Catching people’s attention ?

Currently sitting completely sideways on you chair. You keep typing on your phone’s screen with your hand on you knees. I feel something like a heavy stare on me. I try not to pay attention. After a few seconds you shift back to your initial position. You definitely can not stay still ! But it’s alright for me.

So I ask myself, did somebody just took a picture of me just a few seconds earlier ?

I don’t know and I don’t want to know. The situation made me smile.

It take that moment for what it is. Fleeting, ambiguous, pleasing. Yes, I sometimes can be a little vain. Nobody’s perfect.


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