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January 13, 2013 / edwardonbebop

The answers hold some interesting movies to be watched.


Week two.

Gordon Climbs


1: Whit are yir first memories of seeing a film in the cinema?

It would have been 1991, I would have been 9 and the film was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  We were quite a puritan family and fun things like visiting the cinema were almost unheard of.  Our Dad was very strict on what we could and could not watch.  The only reason we were there was because my Aunt had persuaded him to loosen up and join her family for a day out.  I remember sitting next to my cousin, she was a bit mental and used to pull her knickers down and scream a lot.  I think she is better now.  I remember liking Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham and thinking that Maid Marian was a ginger and a bit flat chested.  After watching the film I wanted to be a…

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