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February 2, 2013 / edwardonbebop

Nice answers ! (via @nolanzebra3)


Week Five.

David Stokes


1: Whit are yir first memories of seeing a film in the cinema?

Two films stick out in my memory, the first one I ever went to was Watership Down with my mom and her mental friend Joan. I didn’t cry during it but every time the Garfunkel track came on the radio I’d start blubbing uncontrollably. The other one was E.T., it was so busy they were letting people sit on the stairs in between the aisles. I don’t remember much about either of them, but I do remember it was exciting to sit in a big dark room surrounded by strange people. It’s the shared experience that’s the double edged sword of cinema going.

2: If you could choose any actor tae play you in the story of yir life, who would ya chose? And whit would ya call
the movie?

I’d have Roddy…

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