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April 3, 2013 / edwardonbebop

Plunging Deeper into Pea’s Pod

I recently discovered an amazing blogger thanks to Twitter’s suggestions.
For once the suggestion was pretty good, so I want to share with you a really great blog and to introduce you to an amazing blog author, Plumptious Pea.
Her blog, Plumptious Pea’s Pod, is about erotica and if you choose to read her interview and check her blog, you will find a unique vision of erotica, a world of words, pictures and sounds.

I was lucky enough that she accepted to answer my questions.

You can follow Pea on Twitter or on Tumblr.

Why Peas ?

Peas are sublimely wonderful! Seriously though, about three years ago I discovered social media. I enjoyed chatting with others online once my munchkins were asleep. Being a single mummy at the time, it whiled away the hours in a happier, more social way than watching the tv. But, I digress. It soon became apparent to me that a pseudonym was needed. One to protect my identity and two, so people remembered me affectionately. Thus Plumptious Pea was born. How? Well, my last name begins with ‘P’ and peas are inherently plumptious. Plumptious Pea has grown in ways I could never have imagined. I no longer spend hours just chatting the evenings away. When I’m not spending time with my beau, I use the name to delve into the fun & erotic world I’ve created around it to serve up even more delicious things..

Why erotica?

It’s the one place I feel most comfortable. I am a very sexually open, passionate woman. I enjoy writing about it, reading it & living it. I feel more than capable of writing in this genre. It excites me. I also love to photograph things I find erotic. In the year that I’ve been blogging, I’ve slowly built a loyal base of followers, who enjoy very much what I do, too. Yes, as the saying goes, write for you, but when you see people enjoying it, that factors in, too. It’s the area I feel I can be the most creative. There are no rules to erotica. It’s what you, yourself, believes what you deem to be erotic that counts. I think my enjoyment of the subject certainly shows.

Do you use elements of your personal life as inspiration when you write erotica?

Absolutely. Although obviously there is so much I haven’t done that I’ve written about. There’s something to be said about recalling an experience and incorporating it into an aural piece or a poem. I think your voice truly sings, then. Also fantasies feature a lot, too. As far as my kinks go, I definitely use them as much as possible even if I’ve not actually acted them out yet. I do lots of research when writing. My laptop can just be a jumble of open windows with different pages when I decide to write something.

The opposite question: do you use what you write in your personal life to “spice things up”?

For this I can only say what I write about, I love and if it gets to be realised in my sex/personal life, then all the better. We’re all on a journey of discovery. Some choose to live those discoveries, some don’t. Beau is extremely supportive of me and what I/we desire and we live them whenever the mood takes us. We constantly talk about what we love to do & my writing does come up in those conversations & whether or not we’d like to try it.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated, not blogging with your actual name?

Never. Plumptious Pea is now more me, than me. I adore my real name for personal reasons. But, I do love who Plumptious Pea has become. Beau even calls me Pea, quite frequently. And it no more feels weird than walking down the street. I’m proud of the name. I’m proud of what it represents & I hope my journey as Plumptious Pea continues for a very long time..

Do people around you know about your interest in erotica?

I actually have very few people around me. I have three children, they are my sole blood family. My eldest is nearly 18 & she is aware of my love for erotic photography & knows I love to write. My future Mother~in~Law is now fully aware that I write a blog etc & teased me a little. But, she’s definitely not adverse to it. Any knew people I happen to meet are now usually in the same vein as I. So, talking about it is as easy as breathing.

Do you prefer soft readings or more explicit erotica?

I like both. There is something to be said for soft erotica & the more hardcore. It’s a little well known fact that I love to read dirty words. I am more than sure that comes across in my reading. But, on the whole, I just love to read/record. I’d actually love a career as a voice over artist/erotic reader or something like that. One day, I may realise my dream.

What a great idea to tell your own poems ! What made you want to your own words into sound?

For the very same reason I mentioned above. In that, I just feel the need/drive/desire to read erotica/filth/smut. Although, I will add to that, sometimes it’s hard to find material to read as permissions etc are needed. So, if I have a quiet moment and I don’t have a reading to record for someone else in the background, I’ll go hunt my archives.

What is the word you find the most naughty?


Can you share with us a picture that turns you on ? Why do you like it ?

Pea's B&W cuffs

I have chosen this image. It is of me. But, more importantly it holds so many elements that are ‘me’ The mouth: I take lots of pictures of this pleasure orafice. But also, it’s the place delicious words spill out of. The gloss: I love dark glosses, even though this image is B&W, the gloss in this image is deep purple. The cuffs: representing my kinky side The image itself: it’s the act of photography itself. I would like to learn so much more about photography, it’s a deep seated passion.

Do you plan on becoming a published author and write a poem collection maybe ?

To become published would be a dream. But, to be published you have to be deemed talented enough to be so. This depends on outside influences of which I have no control over. Plus, at the moment I lack the know~how in how to approach publishers. Something I’d like to work on once I’m well into my 2nd year of blogging. If anything, I have the thought floating around that I could, possibly, self~publish my poetry. Of which the bank of that, is growing fast. But, again, I need to gain the knowledge of how to do so.

Thank you for answering my questions. I hope I was not too curious.
What can we wish you for the future ?

It was an absolute honour to be asked to answer them. I thought you were very gentlemanly. Thank you for giving the opportunity.

The future.. More blogging, more aural recording, more poetry, more discovering, more socialising with like minds, more photography & much more of my goofy self..

Pea ~x~

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