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May 24, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Le cirque Bouglione met fin aux spectacles avec des animaux

Le chapiteau de Joseph Bouglione n’accueillera plus ses légendaires spectacles d’animaux. La troupe a annoncé ce mardi 23 mai l’arrêt définitif de ses numéros de dressage. Une nouvelle qui ne manquera pas d’en faire rugir certains. Le monde du cirque a de quoi trembler. Après l’historique cirque américain Barnum, contraint d’abandonner les numéros avec des animaux sous la […]

via Bouglione met fin aux spectacles avec des animaux — Big News Theory

May 19, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Spring of love

I am walking through the park
Where I once sat on a bench
And you said
I love you

I pass next to the bench
Past and present

As lovers do.

I amble,
Fragments of the past disappear
But the stream of love
That made them come back
Still lives here.

It will forever.

May 10, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Handwritten Note Said Aloud

I hoped for a lonely place,
Far from people
And cars and the noise.
The deserted small path was not desert,
A woman and her kid.

I chose that way nonetheless,
Could have been
At least three other ones.

The tallest of the two figures
Was made of curves
That told about desire and lust.

As I caught them up
An outspoken look
Struck me.
A look that that told about
And frustration.

The little girl at her mother’s side,
Cute and delicate
As the seed head of a dandelion.

People are so rude !
A cry for help.
I could not help,
I wanted to know.
A mother told her kid
To tell her
She was ugly.

People are rude at best,
Insulting often.

You are not ugly.
Stating a fact in the most natural way.

I got back on my way,
Thank You followed me.

I had a smile on my face,
Yet a bitter feeling in my heart
For not being able to say
What I really needed to say.
What I really wanted to say.

I should leave an anonymous note.
Said my playful mind.

To tell the untold,
A simple handwritten message,
On a paper,
Under a small rock,
Left to be discovered.

My karma decided otherwise
As I could not find a working pen.

My karma changed its mind
When I found a pen
And could finally write the note.

My karma changed its mind
Once more,
Told me
I was kidding and you cannot be lucky,
Not today.
The mother and her daughter passed by me.
My plan fell apart.

I told karma to
F… off
Went to the woman,
My note in the hand.
I told her I was too late
To leave that message for her.
So I showed it to her.
I told her.

You are beautiful.

May 7, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Over the edge

No need to take a deep breath,
It has to happen at the right time,
Right time leaves no time,
For preparation.

I guess time reveals even lies
We tell ourselves.
I am sorry I had to inflict on you
What I was so reluctant to do.

I guess the crazy wind outside reflects,
What you are thinking right now.
Grumbling sky. Threatening hail.
The sun was shining this morning.

I guess you probably hate me right now,
And I am not even trying to convince
you or myself that I don’t deserve it.
I deserve my share.

I guess, I guess and I am not talking to you already,
Like we forgot to talk to each others
Several times in the past.
I simply don’t know what to say.

You probably don’t know what to say.
Let’s burst the soap bubbles ?

May 5, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Let me know

He told her

To tell him

If she is ever dead,

So that

Not in a desperate move

But in an act of reunion

He could join her.

May 2, 2017 / edwardonbebop


Tension in my chest
Prevents me from
breathing in.
I am slowly suffocating.

Like a fire that smothers,
Little by little
My light is fading,
As I am missing air

Both metaphorically
And literally.

May 2, 2017 / edwardonbebop

Kink, curly strands hair that wrap round and round your hand guide me gently until I’m covered in dew and completely taken by you

via Coconut oil and sweat  — Cara Thereon